Last week we did a photo shoot with Travis Weinand for our upcoming Convey Collection to be released spring/summer 2015. We decided to interview him and get his thoughts on the new collection and what other things he’s up to.

What is your name?

Travis Weinand


Where are you from originally?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


How long have you been working with Meir Shavit?

A little over a year.


How did you meet Meir?

I was picking up some supplies at Home Depot and he came up to me and asked if I was a model. I had actually just started and only done one shoot. He showed me some photos of his shirts and I thought they were really cool. I stopped by the studio to see more and we actually did a shoot that day. We’ve been working together ever since.


What is it like working with Meir?

It’s easy. He knows what he wants. He’s a funny guy. It’s a carefree atmosphere.


So you’ve worked with Meir on previous collections, What are the differences you see in 36PIXCELL’s new Convey collection vs the previous one?

The fabric is different. It’s a lot more comfortable, fits great. I really like the warehouse photos of copper wires and how you can’t tell if it’s organic, or inorganic.


What 3 words would you use to describe 36PIXCELL?

Innovative. Unique. Comfortable.


What is your favorite 36PIXCELL shirt?

There’s a long sleeve shirt with red stripes on front and back with convey on the sleeve.


When it comes to modeling, What is the best advice you have ever been given? Just relax and don’t overthink. Let yourself come through. Don’t force something that isn’t you. You can tell when someone is pretending.


When you aren’t modeling, what are some other things you enjoy doing?

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I was in a heavy metal band called Burden. I play the drums, and also write songs. Out here I’m working with some people on a few music projects, but we haven’t recorded anything yet.


I also like to do a lot of calisthenics and yoga. I’ve been on American Ninja Warrior.


Who are some other photographers you have worked with?

Ted Sun.